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Mirrors Perth
Glass Mirrors Perth

Mirrors serve so many purposes.
Westview Glass Mirrors are available in a selection of finishes to complement each and every space within your home.
If you are looking for a mirror without a frame or border in your home perhaps finishing your mirror with a bevelled edge is the perfect solution for you. Bevelling is available in a large range of styles.
The more adventurous, seeking a unique style, should look no further than our unique EcoForm range, with its diversity of hand crafted borders.

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Special Purpose Silvering

First developed in the 1300s, the process of silvering is used to create mirrors. Standard silvering consists of a thin layer of tin sprayed onto standard float glass. After this 99.9% pure silver is applied, followed by copper to protect the silver from tarnishing, and finished with a painted coating.
There are times when a standard mirror is not suitable. To meet these needs, Westview Glass offer a range of silvering solutions.
Laminate Mirrors consist of a standard mirror with clear or tinted interlayers giving them superior safety qualities. They are the perfect solution for use in schools, childcare centres, lifts and gymnasiums.
Westview, Glass One Way Vision is a laminate that enables one way vision when required in special circumstances.
Recommendations when considering applications of mirror.

  • The mirror storage area ought to be dry and adequately ventilated.
  • High humidity and heat, as well as chemical fumes, may damage the mirror;
  • Store mirrors vertically; do not lay mirrors flat;
  • Always use gloves when handling mirrors;
  • Mount mirrors off the wall with an air space behind. This provides ventilation for the backing of the mirror and, thus, inhibits corrosion processes.Avoid the edges of the mirror from being in contact with stagnant liquids, such as pools of condensation or back-splashes of water from a sink;
  • If using silicones to mount mirrors, care should be taken to ensure that the silicone is compatible with the protective backing on the mirror;
  • Any kind of adhesives should be applied in a manner where the mirror is fully backed as per Australian Standards AS1288.
  • We recommend that all mirrors to be anchor fixed in such away that the mirror can be replaced safely if required.
  • Do not use any acid or alkaline cleaners to clean mirrors. The protective coatings and the silver layer could be attacked. Instead, use warm water anda soft cloth.

Grade A Safety Mirror

Where glass is subject to human impact as per AS1288, a safety rated mirror product must be used. For these applications Westview Glass has available a special 4mm and 6mm film backed mirror and 6.38mm laminated silver. It should be noted that laminated silver may be subject to visual imperfections or defects.
Toughened glass can be hand silvered after production but the visual distortions that are created in toughened glass would be totally unacceptable as the silver coating accentuates these visual distortions.
Mirrors used for privacy

Venetian Mirror

Available in 4mm annealed and can be laminated, provides an alternative cost effective internal choice for privacy glazing. More often than not, this type of glass is seen in chemists and doctor’s surgeries. Though not giving complete privacy, the level of visual penetration is low from the subject side.
Safety Laminated One Way Mirror Glass
Westview Glass stocks 6.38mm laminated glass for one way mirror applications. This glass is ideal for surveillance, security and where discreet observation is required. A successful application requires a brightly lit subject side and a darker observation side with the correct use of lighting.